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updates 7.10.2020 15:47:46

many faces of Kyselo

Kyselo is primarily a social network, but can be used in other ways:

  • as your own personal meme storage
  • as bookmark manager (very powerful when using with tags as described in last update)
  • (in fact those were original functions of my private instance when there were no other users)
  • as personal journal/diary
  • as youtube playlist

For those last two functions I added new views of your blog/group which can be enabled on your settings tab.

And now something completely different - stats:

  • we are alive for 86 days (0 years 2 months)
  • we have 139 users
  • and 35 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3009 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 125 posts
  • there are about 137 post per day
  • of these 73 are originals (no reposts)

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updates 8.9.2020 22:46:59

consume! (RSS)

in last update, I asked you for donations. After one day first donation arrived and to this day seven people donated.

One of them is Andrzej even though he has no account on Kyselo yet. He asked for RSS channel of /all. Because this is relatively easy I implemented it - /all/rss.

There are also another improvements:

  • there is new RSS button for humans and <link> tag for machines
  • you can now watch RSS feed of certain tag - e.g. things I found funny - /severak/rss?tag=funny
  • tags works also for /all, but you have to make URLs yourself - e.g.
  • THE END looks better
  • if you link to Kyselo from Facebook, link now looks better
  • and finally - stats are autogenerated

Speaking of stats, here are some:

  • we are alive for 57 days (0 years 1 months)
  • we have 136 users
  • and 34 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 1814 posts
  • most active group is @cats with 109 posts
  • there are about 155 post per day
  • of these 82 are originals (no reposts)

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updates 25.8.2020 17:37:27

donate button added

as you may have noticed, development of Kyselo somewhat stalled. This is because I was:

- on vacation (without internet)
- demotivated (by hot weather)
- ill and later super tired

I needed to somehow restore my motivation so I thought: What about financial motivation? (evil smile)

Now you can


cause I need a dollar baby, dollar is what I need.

All donated money will be spend on hosting fee, beer and synths (in that order). I have already spent 1016 CZK on hosting/domain fee.

Otherwise Kyselo is pretty much alive:

  • we have 134 users
  • and 34 groups
  • 102 people already posted something
  • biggest spammer is @gpkvt with 1148 posts - congratulations!
  • most active group is @memes with 100 posts
  • there is about 120 posts each day
  • with cca 50 of them being originals (no reposts)

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updates 22.7.2020 00:07:09

kyselo has new home

as you probably noticed - kyselo has new home -

For now it stays on the same hosting as it was before - so you cannot post porn yet. Sorry.

I added feature requested by @chosneck - a list of all users (use this to find your friend from Soup). I also added list of followed blogs to each friends page and a list of members to each group.

I did more little changes - for example blog avatars are now displayed as 50px wide thumbnails, not in full size.

And now some numbers:

  • there are currently 113 registered users
  • each day several new people appear
  • 75 people already posted something
  • @desinteressement is biggest poster - he already posted 666 times (sic!)
  • we already have 10 groups (and several abandoned)

Yours truly @severak

PS: please, do not advertise Kyselo on Loforo, they don't like it and may ban you.

PS2: stole memes from them. :-)

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