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16.7.2023 14:36:28

find your memes more easily

I implemented gallery view for your Kyselo blogs to be able to find memes more easily. It works in same way as on your phone - you have grid of small preview of each image you posted sorted by months. 
You have to enable it in settings of your blog/group, but it works on all blogs/groups if you can figure out address. 

There are some issues with webp and animated images and generating of thumbnails sometimes takes time, but it's cached once thumbnail is generated.
More features coming soon.

reposted by looque
10.7.2023 22:52:40

webp is supported now

Kyselo now supports uploading of webp images (like this one). 

10.7.2023 22:56:36
@juozaspo webp is now supported
12.7.2023 22:59:05
18.1.2023 14:20:37

we have a backup plan now!

as you may know - it's better to backup unless you want to loose whole year of user data.

I already tried to implement some backup scheme for Kyselo but it failed. Now I have better solution - ZIP archive with all the stuff you posted in this format:
  • folder pub with all the images you posted
  • yourname.jsonl with machine-readable data
  • index.html and pageXXXX.html files as static HTML archive

You don't need some fancy software to browse your archive - just unzip it to any webserver and it will look like this. For example archive please download (60MB).

Archive generation is semi-manual process for now. You need to ask me for it and I will SSH into server, run some scripts and send you link to generated archive.
Running backup server is not free. It costs me 500 CZK a month. I am using this machine for other purposes too, but any donation is welcome

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19.1.2023 16:50:19
I don't know if you need to hear this but you're way cooler than Elon
24.11.2022 22:09:13

small comments improvements

I added two small improvements to the comments:

  • if you comment on your own post you don't get notification now
  • there is new reply button which will mention author of previous comment
23.11.2022 21:57:34

fediverse news and speed of timelines

I keep exploring Fediverse and related software projects. While I want Kyselo to be interoperable I discovered that this is impossible without big refactoring of our database followed by data migration to new scheme. I don't want to do this.
So I decided that Kyselo will not federate in it's current form. However I am still interested in Fediverse and I want to create Kyselo-like Mastodon client. But this is question for the future me.
For now I added small experimental feature - I am measuring of how fast our timelines are. Unit of this measurement is number of posts per hour, day or month (whatever makes sense). So please keep those in healthy ranges.

reposted by severak
21.11.2022 01:18:47

hide yourself from robots

I have noticed that there was no robots.txt file on Kyselo. So I added one.
While I was doing it I added possibility to hide your profile from web scraping robots (and activated this for my cat). It can be enabled on your blog settings (new checkbox exclude from search engines).
Note that posts are still public and robots can index whatever is reposted. Also everyone page is not yet hidden from robots (this may change in the future).
While I was doing it I added filtering by post types to the your /yourblog/tags page.
I also added export for twtxt - it's now automatically enabled for anyone at /yourblogblog/twtxt page. It exports only text posts.

As I want to migrate from bitbucket, I updated our github source code mirror.
More features coming soon.

* * *

  • we are alive for 861 days (2 years 4 months)
  • we have 151 users
  • and 49 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3185 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 444 posts
  • there are about 33 post per day
  • of these 16 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak
11.11.2022 22:23:32

hear the less talkative

There is a one thing for which algorithmic timeline is superior to chronologic one - it cal let you hear the less talkative. Chronological timeline - on the other hand - strongly favours those who talk more.

I added new mode of everyone page which shows last posts by each user. I also added the possibility to sort users by last activity and number of posts. There is also new unfiltered view which shows all posts which get posted on kyselo including reposts.

Last new thing is cron job sending you once a week e-mail when you got unread new message or more than five notifications.

More new features coming soon™.

* * *

and now stats:

  • we are alive for 851 days (2 years 3 months) 
  • we have 151 users and 48 groups 
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3183 posts 
  • most active group is @memes with 438 posts 
  • there are about 34 post per day of these 16 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak
8.11.2022 12:18:29

Should we join the Fediverse?

As Elon Musk bought Twitter there is a sudden surge of interest in Fediverse (or Mastodon). My plan always have been to have some interoperability between Kyselo and Fediverse. While I cannot currently federate fully with Fediverse it seems that there is easy to use RSS-to-ActivityPub proxy and we already have RSS feeds since day one.

This means that it would be possible to follow Kyselo accounts from Fediverse. This would be opt-in - if you don't want to be followed from Fediverse you don't need to.

Downside is that I am not yet able to do it other way around - you will not be able to follow users from Fediverse and you will not get notification when your post is reposted by Fediverse users.

Please let me know if this is interesting for you or if you are using Fediverse at all in the comments of this post.

reposted by severak
8.11.2022 15:59:19
I'm indifferent. Nothing wrong with some good meme bots though. Source: I'm already on fedi I just come here to yoink the occasional meme or two.
20.6.2022 23:51:42

chat is back (and more coming soon)

after some struggling with some linux-fu, chat is back! It runs on server kindly donated by my friend. This server also needs demo of custom mapserver among other things (minetest server coming soon).
But this is just a beginning and I am already thinking about cool future features. Next step will be probably better backup scheme (ZIP archives generated on server).
Also I paid 1257 CZK hosting & domain fee to keep Kyselo alive for another year. It would be appreciated if you sent some bucks to my paypal.

Finally some numbers:

  • we are alive for 707 days (1 years 11 months)

  • we have 151 users

  • and 45 groups

  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3169 posts

  • most active group is @memes with 408 posts

  • there are about 37 post per day

  • of these 18 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak
15.1.2022 21:04:57

DO NOT USE backup tool

Please, do not use backup tool. It downloads large numbers of images in short time which leads you to be banned from my hosting. Kyselo then looks completely down from your IP while other connections are completely OK.

I got banned this way. (massive facepalm)

I hope no one other got banned this way. If you know about someone, please let them contact me via my other contacts listed here.

In the near future I will move Kyselo to my own server which I acquired from my friend. There will be proper backup system with big ZIP files generated server side.

reposted by severak larrygreensky naich juozaspo schaaf
3.1.2022 00:07:16

privacy policy & backups

as there are new EU cookies rules from 2022, I wanted to sort out these things for Kyselo. I changed how cookies works on Kyselo - now cookies is only saved when needed. This should also (probably) means fewer logouts. Also there is new more visible privacy policy.

Some of you already noticed there is new download backup option in the main menu. This is for downloading backup of your blog, but you need separate tool to download images. Backup format is documented here, it's already possible to import it back to Kyselo (or any other sites running same code).

* * *

we are alive for 538 days (1 years 5 months)
we have 151 users
and 45 groups
most active group is @memes with 356 posts
there are about 44 post per day
of these 21 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak
3.1.2022 06:21:24
Tried compiling your tool from git using nim, got error.
/home/juozas/Darbastalis/kyselo-tool/kyselo.nim(34, 15) Error: type mismatch: got <HttpClient, Uri, string>
but expected one of:
proc downloadFile(client: HttpClient; url: string; filename: string)
first type mismatch at position: 2
required type for url: string
but expression 'imgUri' is of type: Uri
1 other mismatching symbols have been suppressed; compile with --showAllMismatches:on to see them

expression: downloadFile(client, imgUri, target)
3.1.2022 09:25:20
@juozaspo I will look at home if I forgot to commit last changes.
3.1.2022 20:00:53
@juozaspo it seems you have same version of code as me but you are probably using older version of Nim (I use 1.6.2).

But it should be easily backported probably. Also - I can provide this script in another language maybe. Please suggest what would be good.
3.1.2022 20:54:47
@severak I have nim version 1.0.6, included with Ubuntu archives (focal release). I might upgrade nim to newer version if I find a good ppa then I'll try again.
Edit: Got it working. Removed old nim, installed new using choosenim script, from nim-lang site, added stuff that were needed needed to path, after reboot compilation works, no crash yet :)
Edit2: For it to work I needed to compile script with ssl support. Now images are downloading w/o problem. Also syntax -D filename.ext does not work while syntax -D=filename.ext still work.
31.12.2021 15:53:28

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everybody here Happy New Year!

There are some updates already prepared to land in January.

Keep posting in 2022.

reposted by severak
23.12.2021 14:12:23

repost from Twitter

Twitter is probably most open of all social networks which I use so I added one-click-reposting to be able to repost from Foone, Archillect or any of those image reposting bots.

Also I fixed some small bugs, added random post and my random post to menu and I am still working on backup scheme.

Also - happy holiday from Kyselo!

reposted by severak
13.12.2021 01:29:53

find random gems!

This update is inspired by this post - Juozas figured out how to open random page of Kyselo overall shitposting history. Now similar function is built-in into Kyselo itself.

Wanna random meme? Or perhaps random cat? We have you covered!

There is new /act/random URL which act like a redirect to randomly found post. This is also very useful for excavating random gems from my Soup backup imported into my localhost instance.
But wait - there is more!

I also redesigned bottom part of page (THE END or see more button). This may or not broke layout, in case of problems use Ctrl+F5 to reload CSS.

Kyselo was down because of hosting issues. After that I downloaded backup of whole Kyselo to my hard drive to be safe. I am also working on backup scheme, for now you need to ask me for it (backup is generated by script at my local machine).

Also - if you not participated in Great Kyselo user survey - leave us your opinion -  it's still open.

Finally some numbers:

- we are alive for 518 days (1 years 5 months)
- we have 149 users
- and 45 groups
- there are about 45 post per day
- of these 22 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak
13.12.2021 01:24:26

kyselo backup on my hard drive

24.11.2021 09:24:18

let's talk in real time!

as you may have notice in last update, I was working on another brand new feature - realtime chat.
This was more challenging than I expected but hey - it's there. It's just a basic chat. No direct messages, there is only one room, no emojis and gifs. But I keep tab with chat open (when I am online) and you can write me.

reposted by severak
18.11.2021 18:25:58

Great Kyselo user survey

I was reading an article about XMPP comeback and I started to investigate how to implement some big experimental feature into Kyselo. I am still excited about this idea but I think this is right time to think about future of Kyselo project.

So now there is GREAT KYSELO USER SURVEY when I want to ask you what do you like and don't like about Kyselo, which new features would you like to see or how do you actually use it.

Another thing which I would like to investigate is future legal form of Kyselo. In current state sole operation and financial side of Kyselo depends on me as a person. If something goes wrong with me (or my family budget) it can be pretty bad for Kyselo too. I need to invent some more stable structure which essentialy means bring more people into Kyselo team.

So please fill our little user survey and I am going make this big meme dump social network of your dreams.

reposted by severak admin
18.8.2021 21:23:47

what to do next?

@juozaspo asked me for adding description to the videos.
I have added that, you can now add description to your videos - see example.

What to do next?

I have updated our todo.txt and you can expect some of these features coming in next weeks:

- better videos player (with reposting)
- better filtering of feeds (by tags, post type)
- new audio/video post types
- sounds playlist
- list users/groups by last activity, popularity, alphabet
- show that post/comment was edited (maybe even history of posts)
- anonymous feedback form (also known as dead drop)
- disabling comments
- /all with reposts
- friends of a friends (list)
- RSS client with one click reposting to Kyselo
- some code cleanup with no visible effect
- new fancy bugs

* * *

  • we are alive for 401 days (1 years 1 months)
  • we have 147 users
  • and 43 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3070 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 290 posts
  • there are about 50 post per day
  • of these 25 are originals (no reposts)
18.8.2021 21:24:36
@juozaspo - this update is for you
10.8.2021 23:34:04

please leave us a comment

Until today, Kyselo was missing one important thing, which enables social networks to be really social and news websites to be those burning hellholes which they are. That both horrible and both wonderful thing is commenting. Now you can leave your comments under every post on  Kyselo (once you are logged in).

Another new thing is notification system. I am not going full facebook and invent notifications out of thin air, but you can already be notified when:

- somebody comments on your post
- somebody mentions you in the comment
- somebody starts following you
- somebody joins group you are member of

I hope these new features will help us build more live community.

* * *

  • we are alive for 393 days (1 years 0 months)
  • we have 147 users
  • and 43 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3070 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 286 posts
  • there are about 51 post per day
  • of these 25 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by admin naich
10.8.2021 23:35:06
this is example comment left by @admin
11.8.2021 00:37:56
Hoooly shiiiiit!
11.8.2021 10:59:58
You also see the notifications from your own comments on your own posts, neat, might be a bug xD
4.8.2021 21:48:25

all your memes belong to us

Did you ever wanted to easily repost memes from or without manually copying image URLs, taking screenshots or doing other workarounds?

Now it's possible - just open new tab with image you want to repost and use kyselo bookmarklet to post it here.

I have already reposted this medieval shitpost and this non-fiction book cover but many other memes will come.

I can also add support for another sites - I just need some site with predictable HTML structure to let my black magic code do it's job. Let me know in the comments...

Speaking of comments - something big is coming soon, something that will change your tune... Stay tuned and maybe throw some euros in my hat to let my know that you like these updates...

  • we are alive for 387 days (1 years 0 months)
  • we have 147 users
  • and 43 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3070 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 286 posts
  • there are about 51 post per day
  • of these 25 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak naich
10.8.2021 23:58:08
it seems there is a bug when reposting from group on loforo...
also another bug when reposting things actually hosted by tumblr...
those will be fixed later
18.6.2021 23:50:21

paid another year

I just paid another year of hosting and domain. Enjoy Kyselo!

reposted by looque naich dychterfyrst
8.4.2021 23:14:07

make web colourful again!

Firstly I would like to thank you for all the donations. One especially make me feel proud because it contained this text:

thank you for our new home 3

Do you know what else can make you feel like at home? Nice wallpapers and colors...

There is one big difference between old and the new web and that is level of customization.

On the new internet you can only change your profile photo, maybe a cover photo. On the old internet you can go full geocities if you want to.

Famous example of this was My Space, which spawned entire generation of CSS coders. Interesting fact about it is that it was actually bug not a feature. In Kyselo custom.css is actually a feature. Now you can enable hacker mode or full neon experience.

You can write your own CSS, generate it by our brand new CSS generator 3000™ or shamelesly copy it from others.

Also I have fixed annoying bug which disabled adding YouTube videos and improved the way of resizing images in CSS

And now something completely different, the numberz:

  • we are alive for 269 days (0 years 8 months)
  • we have 146 users
  • and 42 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3070 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 235 posts
  • there are about 64 post per day
  • of these 32 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by looque naich telu
6.2.2021 20:50:05

mobile version

kyselo looks very different today isn't it?
I was always user of dumb phones. But the last one was too much dumb to use so they actually lend me a smartphone at work.
I tried use Kyselo on it and it looked awful. So I completely rewrote it to be compatible with mobile phones.
All the pages was rewritten using Bulma CSS Framework and while I was doing it I was fixing various bugs and making some improvements. It was a lot of work and I got somewhat exhausted of it.
But wait - there is more: I am working on another features - custom CSS, MP3/MP4 posting and finally commenting. Consider sending some donation to keep me working.
Also - I am taking a looooooooooooot of photos of my cat, so I created her profile on Kyselo - you can now follow her on @mnauinka.
And finally - stats:

  • we are alive for 208 days (0 years 6 months)
  • we have 144 users
  • and 40 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3036 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 197 posts
  • there are about 75 post per day
  • of these 38 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by admin looque larrygreensky
26.1.2021 22:03:59

kyselo was down

Hello all. Kyselo was down yesterday because of certificate error. It was some system bug at my webhosting and they fixed it after other users complained.

However in case it would be down again it would be nice to have some meeting point, so I created two:

both places can be used for cat/shitposting too.

Also - there is a major update on the way. So stay tuned!

Finally some stats:

  • we are alive for 197 days (0 years 6 months)
  • we have 143 users
  • and 38 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3036 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 188 posts
  • there are about 78 post per day
  • of these 39 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by naich dychterfyrst
31.12.2020 20:51:16 reposted from severak

happy new year 2021!

21.10.2020 16:05:26

100 days of shitposting

today it's 100 days after Kyselo was succesfully installed.

But it dates way longer than that:

  • back then in 2011 I found and registered an account here.
  • in 2015 I actually created first version of Kyselo, this time just on paper and later as HTML mockup.
  • in 2017 I started to write my diary. I used Soup for this purpose but  Soup was all 500s and no the stability, so I started work on a clone, which went live three days before Christmas.
  • in 2020 as part of ongoing apocalypse, was shut down. So I started Kyselo project.

Today Kyselo has small but nice community. Development somewhat stalled, but new features are still being developed. Kyselo is free to use, but there is donate button which is actually used - I spent those money in tape recorders and stuff.

Finally, some numbers:

  • we are alive for 100 days (0 years 3 months)
  • we have 141 users
  • and 36 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3028 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 142 posts
  • there are about 124 post per day
  • of these 65 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by admin naich dychterfyrst juozaspo larrygreensky
7.10.2020 15:47:46

many faces of Kyselo

Kyselo is primarily a social network, but can be used in other ways:

  • as your own personal meme storage
  • as bookmark manager (very powerful when using with tags as described in last update)
  • (in fact those were original functions of my private instance when there were no other users)
  • as personal journal/diary
  • as youtube playlist

For those last two functions I added new views of your blog/group which can be enabled on your settings tab.

And now something completely different - stats:

  • we are alive for 86 days (0 years 2 months)
  • we have 139 users
  • and 35 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3009 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 125 posts
  • there are about 137 post per day
  • of these 73 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by naich larrygreensky schaaf
8.9.2020 22:46:59

consume! (RSS)

in last update, I asked you for donations. After one day first donation arrived and to this day seven people donated.

One of them is Andrzej even though he has no account on Kyselo yet. He asked for RSS channel of /all. Because this is relatively easy I implemented it - /all/rss.

There are also another improvements:

  • there is new RSS button for humans and <link> tag for machines
  • you can now watch RSS feed of certain tag - e.g. things I found funny - /severak/rss?tag=funny
  • tags works also for /all, but you have to make URLs yourself - e.g.
  • THE END looks better
  • if you link to Kyselo from Facebook, link now looks better
  • and finally - stats are autogenerated

Speaking of stats, here are some:

  • we are alive for 57 days (0 years 1 months)
  • we have 136 users
  • and 34 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 1814 posts
  • most active group is @cats with 109 posts
  • there are about 155 post per day
  • of these 82 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by naich larrygreensky merelygifted
25.8.2020 17:37:27

donate button added

as you may have noticed, development of Kyselo somewhat stalled. This is because I was:

- on vacation (without internet)
- demotivated (by hot weather)
- ill and later super tired

I needed to somehow restore my motivation so I thought: What about financial motivation? (evil smile)

Now you can


cause I need a dollar baby, dollar is what I need.

All donated money will be spend on hosting fee, beer and synths (in that order). I have already spent 1016 CZK on hosting/domain fee.

Otherwise Kyselo is pretty much alive:

  • we have 134 users
  • and 34 groups
  • 102 people already posted something
  • biggest spammer is @gpkvt with 1148 posts - congratulations!
  • most active group is @memes with 100 posts
  • there is about 120 posts each day
  • with cca 50 of them being originals (no reposts)

reposted by admin merelygifted
22.7.2020 00:07:09

kyselo has new home

as you probably noticed - kyselo has new home -

For now it stays on the same hosting as it was before - so you cannot post porn yet. Sorry.

I added feature requested by @chosneck - a list of all users (use this to find your friend from Soup). I also added list of followed blogs to each friends page and a list of members to each group.

I did more little changes - for example blog avatars are now displayed as 50px wide thumbnails, not in full size.

And now some numbers:

  • there are currently 113 registered users
  • each day several new people appear
  • 75 people already posted something
  • @desinteressement is biggest poster - he already posted 666 times (sic!)
  • we already have 10 groups (and several abandoned)

Yours truly @severak

PS: please, do not advertise Kyselo on Loforo, they don't like it and may ban you.

PS2: stole memes from them. :-)

reposted by admin naich

Timeline speed: 0.83 posts per month

Just 1 pages to end...


You have reached the end...