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7.10.2020 20:33:39 reposted from updates

many faces of Kyselo

Kyselo is primarily a social network, but can be used in other ways:

  • as your own personal meme storage
  • as bookmark manager (very powerful when using with tags as described in last update)
  • (in fact those were original functions of my private instance when there were no other users)
  • as personal journal/diary
  • as youtube playlist

For those last two functions I added new views of your blog/group which can be enabled on your settings tab.

And now something completely different - stats:

  • we are alive for 86 days (0 years 2 months)
  • we have 139 users
  • and 35 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3009 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 125 posts
  • there are about 137 post per day
  • of these 73 are originals (no reposts)