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20.6.2022 23:54:00 reposted from updates

chat is back (and more coming soon)

after some struggling with some linux-fu, chat is back! It runs on server kindly donated by my friend. This server also needs demo of custom mapserver among other things (minetest server coming soon).
But this is just a beginning and I am already thinking about cool future features. Next step will be probably better backup scheme (ZIP archives generated on server).
Also I paid 1257 CZK hosting & domain fee to keep Kyselo alive for another year. It would be appreciated if you sent some bucks to my paypal.

Finally some numbers:

  • we are alive for 707 days (1 years 11 months)

  • we have 151 users

  • and 45 groups

  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3169 posts

  • most active group is @memes with 408 posts

  • there are about 37 post per day

  • of these 18 are originals (no reposts)