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22.6.2022 17:42:35

drunk cat

from https://juozaspo.loforo.com/ejacu

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22.6.2022 16:47:05

It appears that chat is back :D

It was missing for a long time :)

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Another left turn crash at the 11foot8+8 bridge

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXF7Hx4VHXU

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31.5.2022 18:28:24

Goodwill Ransomware Forces Victims to be "Charitable"

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaFF1n8ZzaU

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from https://i.redd.it/zkru459yitt31.jpg

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from https://i.redd.it/1nykql5cfzh51.jpg

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24.5.2022 16:18:10

is it me or is kyselo down :\ I see alot of broken images :\

24.5.2022 16:36:21
there was some problem with HTTPS on my hosting. It was bought by another company and after it started have some downtimes and stuff.

I am planning to move kyselo away from it.
22.5.2022 11:35:51

Cat with a human face

from https://i.imgur.com/axtzk.jpg

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21.5.2022 18:00:33

Some useful number facts

0x00007FFFFFFFFFFF (2^47-1,140737488355327) is largest possible address size in 64-bit architecture, it's integer representation could be obtained by running a command in unix terminal as shown below

$ echo $((2**47)-1)

Any address larger then the number above will raise an exception.

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