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5.12.2022 16:22:42 reposted from pmusicp

Franklin's Tower ☮ Grateful Dead, 5/9/77

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0pdFViRNu8

30.11.2022 22:50:33

YouTube was very unstable today

I noticed a horrible browser lag when using youtube. Digging deeper I found that it was caused by the site itself and not an addon. It would cause an insane cpu and memory usage rise upon page reload, the only solution would be to kill the browser. I also suspected an adblock bug but disabling it on yt didn't help much, where other addons were also disabled.

27.11.2022 10:41:35 reposted from memes

low poly cat set to low quality funkytown

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jM13eQWAwA

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super old meme

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mozart dog

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onZcB3y2RTM

17.11.2022 14:11:53


from https://twitter.com/gayocats/status/1593214879938158594

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15.11.2022 21:17:18

Russian missiles kill two people in NATO member Poland, US intelligence official says

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrAGDA6egDU

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26.10.2022 08:26:46

Reinstalled server os

Today i've reinstalled the os of the server that runs my minetest server and related pages. It will take some time to setup everything and to restore what's needed. It has been running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS up until now and the new os is Debian 11.

Edit: Got the web server working. Sadly no running minetest server yet.

Edit2: Minetest server is finally back up and running, old worlds restored.

20.10.2022 15:01:45

Bought a new 1080p monitor. After some tinkering with system configuration got the display working as default refresh rate provided by the driver would not work, had to change it.

18.10.2022 14:34:50

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from https://i.redd.it/uyl4s1mk4hl91.jpg

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from https://i.imgur.com/B8cvu7O.gif

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30.9.2022 06:22:58

from https://manxx.loforo.com/tmqjd

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from https://winterwarez.loforo.com/ovcns

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