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25.1.2022 19:36:41

from https://itsallrandom.loforo.com/qszoq

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25.1.2022 19:31:38

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25.1.2022 16:11:02

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23.1.2022 20:13:20

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23.1.2022 20:05:40

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23.1.2022 19:50:42

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18.1.2022 17:17:57

Monitor failure mode, verical bar almost visible near the right of the middle of the screen.

18.1.2022 17:01:16

My primary monitor just started to malfunction

It would show a white picture with vertical bars on near middle right of the screen. Had to to use an old vga monitor not fully compatible with my current software which caused me alot of annoyance. Had to uninstall old nvidia driver as it would not detect this monitor correctly, installed open source alternative, and added a script that sets correct login resolution and rate as automattic detection would not set correct one resulting in monitor showing an error. Not mentioning display settings showing modes not properly supported it.

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16.1.2022 22:30:11 reposted from updates

DO NOT USE backup tool

Please, do not use backup tool. It downloads large numbers of images in short time which leads you to be banned from my hosting. Kyselo then looks completely down from your IP while other connections are completely OK.

I got banned this way. (massive facepalm)

I hope no one other got banned this way. If you know about someone, please let them contact me via my other contacts listed here.

In the near future I will move Kyselo to my own server which I acquired from my friend. There will be proper backup system with big ZIP files generated server side.

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from https://i.redd.it/slu0kdea5ta81.jpg

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9.1.2022 17:23:26

Farlands in Minecraft Infdev. Reached by editing world file (changing player coordinates, etc)

9.1.2022 17:21:37

Lighting gliches in the corner farlands of Minecraft Infdev

7.1.2022 21:49:21

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5.1.2022 17:57:49

A Woman Drank "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide." This Is What Happened To Her Brain.

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eec98ie0Plg

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