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16.6.2024 11:11:49

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29.5.2024 21:35:21

It appears that kyselo server had an expired certificate used for it for a while today. Then it got fixed later as the bad certificate were replaced with correct one. This does not happen frequently but when it happens it gets annoying very quickly.

29.5.2024 06:48:54

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18.5.2024 08:22:26

Upgraded ram for my old computer

It was the time to upgrade ram so I looked for compatible ram modules the internet and found some on Ebay. They arrived a bit earlier than expected and not so pricy so it was a good deal. Earlier I tried different ram but that didn't work so I had to look for compatible ram list in my motherboard manual and found some still available to buy. I upgraded ram to max amount possible so the system performs way better now as there're virtually no slowdowns as there''s enough memory to run most things.

14.5.2024 15:16:20

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12.5.2024 21:21:21

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6.5.2024 17:51:08

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24.4.2024 18:09:31

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