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18.1.2023 14:20:37

we have a backup plan now!

as you may know - it's better to backup unless you want to loose whole year of user data.

I already tried to implement some backup scheme for Kyselo but it failed. Now I have better solution - ZIP archive with all the stuff you posted in this format:
  • folder pub with all the images you posted
  • yourname.jsonl with machine-readable data
  • index.html and pageXXXX.html files as static HTML archive

You don't need some fancy software to browse your archive - just unzip it to any webserver and it will look like this. For example archive please download (60MB).

Archive generation is semi-manual process for now. You need to ask me for it and I will SSH into server, run some scripts and send you link to generated archive.
Running backup server is not free. It costs me 500 CZK a month. I am using this machine for other purposes too, but any donation is welcome

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19.1.2023 16:50:19
I don't know if you need to hear this but you're way cooler than Elon