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13.12.2021 01:31:38 reposted from updates

find random gems!

This update is inspired by this post - Juozas figured out how to open random page of Kyselo overall shitposting history. Now similar function is built-in into Kyselo itself.

Wanna random meme? Or perhaps random cat? We have you covered!

There is new /act/random URL which act like a redirect to randomly found post. This is also very useful for excavating random gems from my Soup backup imported into my localhost instance.
But wait - there is more!

I also redesigned bottom part of page (THE END or see more button). This may or not broke layout, in case of problems use Ctrl+F5 to reload CSS.

Kyselo was down because of hosting issues. After that I downloaded backup of whole Kyselo to my hard drive to be safe. I am also working on backup scheme, for now you need to ask me for it (backup is generated by script at my local machine).

Also - if you not participated in Great Kyselo user survey - leave us your opinion -  it's still open.

Finally some numbers:

- we are alive for 518 days (1 years 5 months)
- we have 149 users
- and 45 groups
- there are about 45 post per day
- of these 22 are originals (no reposts)