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8.11.2022 12:18:29

Should we join the Fediverse?

As Elon Musk bought Twitter there is a sudden surge of interest in Fediverse (or Mastodon). My plan always have been to have some interoperability between Kyselo and Fediverse. While I cannot currently federate fully with Fediverse it seems that there is easy to use RSS-to-ActivityPub proxy and we already have RSS feeds since day one.

This means that it would be possible to follow Kyselo accounts from Fediverse. This would be opt-in - if you don't want to be followed from Fediverse you don't need to.

Downside is that I am not yet able to do it other way around - you will not be able to follow users from Fediverse and you will not get notification when your post is reposted by Fediverse users.

Please let me know if this is interesting for you or if you are using Fediverse at all in the comments of this post.

reposted by severak
8.11.2022 15:59:19
I'm indifferent. Nothing wrong with some good meme bots though. Source: I'm already on fedi I just come here to yoink the occasional meme or two.