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20.9.2020 06:59:28 reposted from updates

consume! (RSS)

in last update, I asked you for donations. After one day first donation arrived and to this day seven people donated.

One of them is Andrzej even though he has no account on Kyselo yet. He asked for RSS channel of /all. Because this is relatively easy I implemented it - /all/rss.

There are also another improvements:

  • there is new RSS button for humans and <link> tag for machines
  • you can now watch RSS feed of certain tag - e.g. things I found funny - /severak/rss?tag=funny
  • tags works also for /all, but you have to make URLs yourself - e.g.
  • THE END looks better
  • if you link to Kyselo from Facebook, link now looks better
  • and finally - stats are autogenerated

Speaking of stats, here are some:

  • we are alive for 57 days (0 years 1 months)
  • we have 136 users
  • and 34 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 1814 posts
  • most active group is @cats with 109 posts
  • there are about 155 post per day
  • of these 82 are originals (no reposts)