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29.7.2023 13:10:28

one of most important memes at all...

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13.7.2023 10:20:43

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed écrit par Ploum, Lionel Dricot, ingénieur, écrivain de science-fiction, développeur de logiciels libres.

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6.12.2022 01:14:28

What if failure is the plan?

I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. Failure comes in many forms, but I’m especially interested in situations in which people…

9.11.2022 16:14:58

first mention of in Czech

this is how I found Soup. Funny thing is that article mentioned that Soup will have Czech localization and it never did.

10.11.2022 00:21:07
It was and it is really cool to be part of an internet platform that is not owned by some rich cunt
2.1.2022 22:13:31

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This site is run by Mikoláš Štrajt (Severák) in his free time. I am also user of Kyselo.

This is not for-profit-operation but only some random guy hosting meme storage for others.

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With notable exception of usage statistics, this site saves only data entered by its users. You can edit and delete your posts and comments.
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If you want to delete your blog, reposts of your post, some uploaded image or anything other, please contact me in Kyselo (or elsewhere).

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There is only one cookie called kyselo which is saved only when needed (for login, switching NSFW mode and displaying messages after redirects). This cookie is not used for usage statistics.
If you play some videos youtube can save cookies on your device. This can be avoided by not playing videos.

How can I trust you?

Well, this is good question. If you can read it you can look on our source code and source code of our statistics app.

27.10.2020 17:58:57

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8.9.2020 13:58:06

22.7.2020 09:33:20

Cats and the Internet

Images and videos of domestic cats make up some of the most viewed content on the web, particularly image macros in the form of lolcats. ThoughtCatalog has described cats as the "unofficial mascot of the Internet"....

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13.7.2020 15:37:41

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This is temporary beta version of Kyselo (an clone). Feel free to register and click around. Try to post something and follow other testers. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and bug reports.

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1) Don't be a dick!
2) Don't post anything illegal in Czech republic (child porn, holocaust denial, etc).
2b) Dont's post porn - it's agains my hosting TOS. Post cute cats instead.
3) And have a fun!

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