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6.12.2022 17:06:36

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6.12.2022 01:14:28

What if failure is the plan?

I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. Failure comes in many forms, but I’m especially interested in situations in which people…

5.12.2022 16:34:21

AI created pics: Professional photograph of Paris Hilton and Kim Jong-un's wedding on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

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5.12.2022 09:27:25


From public buildings to private residences, this art4d special feature will take you to where the once-overlooked architectural movement of the 70s will unfold before the eye of the beholder.

4.12.2022 01:36:12

new (Czech-speaking) server called Český Hvozd was open for public today

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2.12.2022 22:35:30

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2.12.2022 22:35:18

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3.12.2022 11:02:13
reposting this so I can add the "nature" tag
2.12.2022 22:35:09

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2.12.2022 22:34:56

30.11.2022 17:01:35

Jun Togawa - Teinen Pushiganga (English Subs)


29.11.2022 15:16:57

Mario de Biasi | Gamba de legn, 1951.

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25.11.2022 02:30:12

by Emma Roulette

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24.11.2022 17:01:34

czech version of "flowers by irene" meme....
(BIS is our internal secret service, but in this picture is "bibliographic information services")

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24.11.2022 17:08:09
damn i love international translated humor
24.11.2022 18:31:37
@looque I think this is actual situation which makes it even more funny.
23.11.2022 21:59:19 reposted from updates

fediverse news and speed of timelines

I keep exploring Fediverse and related software projects. While I want Kyselo to be interoperable I discovered that this is impossible without big refactoring of our database followed by data migration to new scheme. I don't want to do this.
So I decided that Kyselo will not federate in it's current form. However I am still interested in Fediverse and I want to create Kyselo-like Mastodon client. But this is question for the future me.
For now I added small experimental feature - I am measuring of how fast our timelines are. Unit of this measurement is number of posts per hour, day or month (whatever makes sense). So please keep those in healthy ranges.

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23.11.2022 21:18:02

If Beethoven Were A METAL Bassist...


23.11.2022 17:05:20

ヤプーズ/Not Dead Luna 【歌詞付き】


23.11.2022 12:11:09

the sound you dont want to hear


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22.11.2022 19:14:59

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22.11.2022 17:07:34

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22.11.2022 16:00:13

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22.11.2022 15:41:38

P. Lion -- Happy Children Video HQ


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