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21.11.2022 01:24:15 reposted from updates

hide yourself from robots

I have noticed that there was no robots.txt file on Kyselo. So I added one.
While I was doing it I added possibility to hide your profile from web scraping robots (and activated this for my cat). It can be enabled on your blog settings (new checkbox exclude from search engines).
Note that posts are still public and robots can index whatever is reposted. Also everyone page is not yet hidden from robots (this may change in the future).
While I was doing it I added filtering by post types to the your /yourblog/tags page.
I also added export for twtxt - it's now automatically enabled for anyone at /yourblogblog/twtxt page. It exports only text posts.

As I want to migrate from bitbucket, I updated our github source code mirror.
More features coming soon.

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