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3.1.2022 00:07:16

privacy policy & backups

as there are new EU cookies rules from 2022, I wanted to sort out these things for Kyselo. I changed how cookies works on Kyselo - now cookies is only saved when needed. This should also (probably) means fewer logouts. Also there is new more visible privacy policy.

Some of you already noticed there is new download backup option in the main menu. This is for downloading backup of your blog, but you need separate tool to download images. Backup format is documented here, it's already possible to import it back to Kyselo (or any other sites running same code).

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we are alive for 538 days (1 years 5 months)
we have 151 users
and 45 groups
most active group is @memes with 356 posts
there are about 44 post per day
of these 21 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak
3.1.2022 06:21:24
Tried compiling your tool from git using nim, got error.
/home/juozas/Darbastalis/kyselo-tool/kyselo.nim(34, 15) Error: type mismatch: got <HttpClient, Uri, string>
but expected one of:
proc downloadFile(client: HttpClient; url: string; filename: string)
first type mismatch at position: 2
required type for url: string
but expression 'imgUri' is of type: Uri
1 other mismatching symbols have been suppressed; compile with --showAllMismatches:on to see them

expression: downloadFile(client, imgUri, target)
3.1.2022 09:25:20
@juozaspo I will look at home if I forgot to commit last changes.
3.1.2022 20:00:53
@juozaspo it seems you have same version of code as me but you are probably using older version of Nim (I use 1.6.2).

But it should be easily backported probably. Also - I can provide this script in another language maybe. Please suggest what would be good.
3.1.2022 20:54:47
@severak I have nim version 1.0.6, included with Ubuntu archives (focal release). I might upgrade nim to newer version if I find a good ppa then I'll try again.
Edit: Got it working. Removed old nim, installed new using choosenim script, from nim-lang site, added stuff that were needed needed to path, after reboot compilation works, no crash yet :)
Edit2: For it to work I needed to compile script with ssl support. Now images are downloading w/o problem. Also syntax -D filename.ext does not work while syntax -D=filename.ext still work.