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2.4.2024 20:19:20

Twitter now autolinks browser.search. Great :\

15.3.2024 22:13:40

My firefox installation on Ubuntu got updated to 124

Mozilla is ready to release Mozilla Firefox 124, so Mozilla ppa for Ubuntu already has it already built even before the release date even though currently it is in the beta state. Because of that  Firefox version 124 got installed even if officially latest release is only Firefox 123 and no Release notes for 124 is ready yet.

2.3.2024 17:58:51

Misspelled words now triggers google captcha...

28.2.2024 10:51:05

Loforo down

Can't access loforo from anywhere since this morning. It appears to be down as server is not connecting from any device no matter the location. Will have to wait and see if it comes back up :)

Update: It's back up. It came back online after some time, it appears there was an outage where the site is hosted.

31.10.2023 17:45:36

Found out that disabling network.preload in firefox about:config page breaks many web sites, including a popular lithuanian news site.

10.10.2023 22:36:36

loforo down again :\
Edit: it's back up :) hopefully it was a temporary glitch :)

21.9.2023 09:23:32

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25.8.2023 15:07:43

Rage quitting upon trying Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS after trying to compile nvidia driver while using 3.x kernel backported from the later release. More described in post "rm -rf --no-preserve-root /"

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8.8.2023 19:10:29

My external hard drive is failing. It has been faulty for a while, not worthy for backups. Might get a new drive soon so I'd be able to save any data from it that is worth saving. Had to run fsck on it just in case so bad sectors could be found and marked as needed. I also bought an usb 3 card so those checks would complete sooner.

4.8.2023 15:31:53

My internet died today

The primary isp connection I use to connect to the internet just suddently stopped working. It appears it's an issue related to my area (city) and I'm only able to use mobile phone internet that has limited data. Worked for a short while, then - gone.
Edit: It's back. This was a temporary downtime. Fixed on isp side.

11.7.2023 12:44:06

Archive of Our Own was recently taken down by a DDoS attack. They partially came back up with a message saying they're mitigating issues. They'll probably come back up later after things calms down :)

1.7.2023 15:19:52

(solved) Still can't upload webp, not sure if it is implemented yet, no mention of it anywhere in the source code on github or in bitbucket issues :\

3.7.2023 15:44:49
ah, I forgot to implement it (facepalm)
28.6.2023 19:10:10

Recently checked newTumbl and found it got wiped of the earth. Gone. Not even a warning in email. Nothing. Didn't even had a chance to backup some stuff. Just suddently went down into abyss with everything gone.

28.6.2023 10:22:11

Changed my vpn server ip

Google was detecting my vpn server ip's country as Russia while actual location it was hosted on was Lithuania. So becouse google was doing this frequently I was forced to change my ip so this nonsense would hopely end. Now I'm waiting for dns to propagate until the hostname is reachable again. This server also hosts my minetest server software and it will be unreachable on some points in the world for a while.
Edit: It's now live on my end. Should be reachable everywhere soon.

29.4.2023 17:23:55

(solved) Webp not supported. While a majority of other sites supports this format, trying to upload webp image here fails with an error. Exiftool info of example image that failed to upload is listed below.

ExifTool Version Number         : 12.40
File Name : insertfilenamehere.webp
Directory : .
File Size : 94 KiB
File Modification Date/Time : 2023:04:29 18:14:26+03:00
File Access Date/Time : 2023:04:29 18:14:26+03:00
File Inode Change Date/Time : 2023:04:29 18:14:26+03:00
File Permissions : -rw-rw-r--
File Type : WEBP
File Type Extension : webp
MIME Type : image/webp
VP8 Version : 0 (bicubic reconstruction, normal loop)
Image Width : 617
Horizontal Scale : 0
Image Height : 617
Vertical Scale : 0
Exif Byte Order : Little-endian (Intel, II)
Subfile Type : Reduced-resolution image
Bits Per Sample : 8 8 8
Compression : JPEG (old-style)
Photometric Interpretation : YCbCr
Samples Per Pixel : 3
Thumbnail Offset : 83682
Thumbnail Length : 12992
Image Size : 617x617
Megapixels : 0.381
Thumbnail Image : (Binary data 12992 bytes, use -b option to extract)

3.5.2023 13:58:58
good idea. I will try to implement Webp support.
13.4.2023 06:47:49

Youtube is buggy as always. It's category bar is dissappearing from the top of the page most of the times and is not getting fixed no matter how many reports I send about it being broken.

23.3.2023 14:45:16

Linus Tech Tips and Tech Quickie channels got hacked on youtube. The channel url was replaced with a scam url. I was able to save a screenshot before it was terminated by YouTube.

21.3.2023 08:36:47

Google being stupid annoys me more than needed. Searching almost anything from mobile triggers a captcha.

17.3.2023 10:26:38

Google captcha triggeted by attempting to search Easter 2023 in lithuanian.

23.2.2023 20:54:57

Zero Width Space

A vere useful where text needs to be wrapped and regular spaces cannot be used. The unicode for it is 0x200B, in linux it can be inserted by typing Ctrl+Shift+U with unicode characher code following right after that


Having a nbsp (0x00A0) in tags also returns weird results in when browsing and/or reading posts. It also can't be copy-pasted. It must be typed manually by using keyboard shortcut and hex code right after that.

reposted by test
18.2.2023 19:24:18

Found a duplicate post while checking old posts for tags

Recent post which was dupe of an old post has been deleted.

22.2.2023 11:31:12
is this bug of kyselo? If so could you provide more info?
22.2.2023 18:55:58
@severak not a bug; the mentioned post was a copy of a post I've already posted earlier, not accidental double posting or anything like. I just forgot that I've already posted that when I posted such post.
18.2.2023 16:40:04

Twitter removed ability to use SMS 2fa codes w/o using Twitter Blue subscription. Great :\

16.2.2023 08:14:56

Youtube Full Screen is broken when using Theater Mode

This morning I noticed that screen would turn blank with audio still playing in background as soon as YouTube player were switched to full screen, I thought my pc was broken, almost was ready to reboot it on the spot. Then I found that the theater mode would be the cause. It seems to be a yet another bad youtube updade, will have to wait till they fix it and avoid the theater mode wherever possible.

Update: It appears that this YouTube bug has just recently been fixed, I don't encounter any new issues while using YouTube in fullscreen when the player is in the theater mode.

5.2.2023 11:35:34

Loforo down :\

5.2.2023 12:42:02
Kyselo up >:-D
17.1.2023 15:59:55

Finally got an old linux version running on my pc, with fully working nvidia driver, though only bootable by using old boot loader installed on usb drive. As described in my earlier post, only default (2.6.x) kernels would work with the driver version, where the backported (3.0.x) would fail. Also had to run nvidia-xconfig as root to complete the setup, before it was unaccelerated display with little resolutions available. The screenshot shows a minimal xfce4 desktop running with the default theme.

reposted by dit
16.1.2023 19:05:02

rm -rf --no-preserve-root /

Trying to install an old Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS version and make it usable along currently running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS would fail as it would lead to dependency hell and other problems when trying to install video drivers. Just by installing base system, default kernel (2.6.x) and networking components the system would not boot unless booted from external usb with old bootloader installed on it. Also if target partition was formatted from modern system the bootloader would not install to any drive nor create its config files. It would still not work as the screen would not show anyhing unless the backported kernel (3.0.x) were installed from the repositories. It would require proprietary nvidia driver on graphical interface as open source driver would not work with my monitor as I found eariler. And after installing a newer kernel version that would work with current bootloader (from a deb file other than what is available on repositories) the nvidia driver installation would still fail as no kernel headers would be found at the time. Trying to install kernel header deb files would not work unless dpkg was updated to a version newer than available on the repositories. After upgrading dpkg and installing kernel headers the kernel modules would fail to build as it would not work with current c compiler, trying upgrade it would require manually downloading and installing required debs, and it might lead to dependency hell not mentioning some debs that would not be available to download ending with a system w/o working graphics. As I was trying to find such packages I ended by running the rm -rf --no-preserve-root /  just out of frustration since I was unable to find them online :\ Also later I found that even backported 3.0.x nvidia kernel modules still wouldn't build as such kernel might be incompatible and/or driver would be broken. Conclusion: don't try to install a newer kernel from packages not coming in repositories and then try to install graphics drivers as it might lead to many problems in the future. Also don't use backported kernel as it would not be compatible with provided nvidia driver. Use virtual machine instead if needed.

reposted by raumfahrtagentur linux
30.11.2022 22:50:33

YouTube was very unstable today

I noticed a horrible browser lag when using youtube. Digging deeper I found that it was caused by the site itself and not an addon. It would cause an insane cpu and memory usage rise upon page reload, the only solution would be to kill the browser. I also suspected an adblock bug but disabling it on yt didn't help much, where other addons were also disabled.

26.10.2022 08:26:46

Reinstalled server os

Today i've reinstalled the os of the server that runs my minetest server and related pages. It will take some time to setup everything and to restore what's needed. It has been running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS up until now and the new os is Debian 11.

Edit: Got the web server working. Sadly no running minetest server yet.

Edit2: Minetest server is finally back up and running, old worlds restored.

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