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29.5.2024 21:35:21

It appears that kyselo server had an expired certificate used for it for a while today. Then it got fixed later as the bad certificate were replaced with correct one. This does not happen frequently but when it happens it gets annoying very quickly.

18.2.2023 19:24:18

Found a duplicate post while checking old posts for tags

Recent post which was dupe of an old post has been deleted.

22.2.2023 11:31:12
is this bug of kyselo? If so could you provide more info?
22.2.2023 18:55:58
@severak not a bug; the mentioned post was a copy of a post I've already posted earlier, not accidental double posting or anything like. I just forgot that I've already posted that when I posted such post.
20.10.2022 15:01:45

Bought a new 1080p monitor. After some tinkering with system configuration got the display working as default refresh rate provided by the driver would not work, had to change it.

4.8.2022 22:05:54

Updated custom css, added background image & transparency to my theme

22.6.2022 16:47:05

It appears that chat is back :D

It was missing for a long time :)

24.5.2022 16:18:10

is it me or is kyselo down :\ I see alot of broken images :\

24.5.2022 16:36:21
there was some problem with HTTPS on my hosting. It was bought by another company and after it started have some downtimes and stuff.

I am planning to move kyselo away from it.
16.4.2022 16:17:42

Automatic linking annoyance

The editor is too trigger happy to automatically mark anything that looks like links to appear as links. E.g. typing somefile.sh becomes linked w/o asking. It's very annoying when trying to type or paste code snippets that has fragments looking like that and removing them is quite troublesome :\

Edit: Links can be removed after they've been inserted by editor, but this leaves extra unused garbage html, and that can be removed by editing hidden textarea using browser developer tools and not directly interacting with text field thus avoiding accidental reinsert of link where it is not wanted.

16.4.2022 20:44:41
this is known bug. I struggle with this all the time just not found enough courage to go and fix the editing component. :-D
27.2.2022 16:16:31

Chat gone

Just noticed that chat link were removed from menu, not sure it was an accident or intentional. Also the chat page is showing an error 500 with Verboten (Forbidden) shown in text.

28.2.2022 14:10:41
this is known issue. It just waits for me to run certificate renew script.
11.12.2021 11:28:33

Open random page of kyselo right from unix terminal

Run command below in your unix terminal

$ firefox https://kyselo.eu/all?since=$(TZ=Europe/Prague date -d @$(shuf -i $(($(TZ=Europe/Prague date -d '2020-07-13T00:35:49' +"%s")))-$(date +"%s") -n 1) +"%Y-%m-%dT%H%%3A%M%%3A%S")

2020-07-13T00:35:49 is the date of first post in server time, replace 'firefox' with your browser command if you have different browser installed.

Edit: Added correct timezome matching to kyselo to command line, found by examining date of some posts and choosing correct timezone matching the site location.

Edit2: Shortened command a bit by inlining some variables used before.

reposted by linux
11.12.2021 23:22:20
works on windows too (in git bash) - I just added start before it
30.7.2021 19:01:52

(solved) I'm getting an occassional connection issue when accessing kyselo on firefox. Happens both on vpn and no vpn, new firefox profile no exception. Something funky must be happening with the server or network, not sure which is the case this time.


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