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15.3.2024 22:13:40

My firefox installation on Ubuntu got updated to 124

Mozilla is ready to release Mozilla Firefox 124, so Mozilla ppa for Ubuntu already has it already built even before the release date even though currently it is in the beta state. Because of that  Firefox version 124 got installed even if officially latest release is only Firefox 123 and no Release notes for 124 is ready yet.

31.10.2023 17:45:36

Found out that disabling network.preload in firefox about:config page breaks many web sites, including a popular lithuanian news site.

30.11.2022 22:50:33

YouTube was very unstable today

I noticed a horrible browser lag when using youtube. Digging deeper I found that it was caused by the site itself and not an addon. It would cause an insane cpu and memory usage rise upon page reload, the only solution would be to kill the browser. I also suspected an adblock bug but disabling it on yt didn't help much, where other addons were also disabled.

20.10.2022 15:01:45

Bought a new 1080p monitor. After some tinkering with system configuration got the display working as default refresh rate provided by the driver would not work, had to change it.

10.9.2021 18:26:16

Switched to ESR release from regular Firefox

Since WebRender shipped with recent versions of Mozilla Firefox is too buggy and cause video screen tearing when watching Youtube videos in full screen and also it seems next versions are removing the ability to disable it too so I'm getting rid of it and going to use an ESR release instead and if the future versions of it remove remove this feature I'm going to get rid of firefox in my system entirely and use alternative browser that would still work with my configuration w/o problems

30.7.2021 19:01:52

(solved) I'm getting an occassional connection issue when accessing kyselo on firefox. Happens both on vpn and no vpn, new firefox profile no exception. Something funky must be happening with the server or network, not sure which is the case this time.

10.6.2021 23:42:32

Non native theme of the widgets on Mozilla Firefox looks ugly while using Linux. It can be disabled on about:config page.

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