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4.8.2023 15:31:53

My internet died today

The primary isp connection I use to connect to the internet just suddently stopped working. It appears it's an issue related to my area (city) and I'm only able to use mobile phone internet that has limited data. Worked for a short while, then - gone.
Edit: It's back. This was a temporary downtime. Fixed on isp side.

4.4.2021 16:37:24

5.12.2020 10:59:19

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26.10.2020 21:22:22

YouTube-DL github was taken down due to DMCA complaint from RIAA, apparently it infringed many copyrights by letting users illegally download videos by also circumventing any protections that were in place. Some people were too much unhappy they resorted to that.

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18.9.2020 07:05:04

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5.8.2020 17:36:51

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