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21.9.2023 09:23:32

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25.8.2023 15:07:43

Rage quitting upon trying Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS after trying to compile nvidia driver while using 3.x kernel backported from the later release. More described in post "rm -rf --no-preserve-root /"

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2.6.2023 14:36:45

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1.6.2023 20:15:46

1.6.2023 19:45:45

25.3.2023 20:48:40

1.3.2023 18:06:32

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19.2.2023 20:42:27

Recording with wrong camera framerate can cause alot of problems such as flickering shown in the video. The image above is a frame taken from the video by DiodeGoneWild on YouTube

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5.2.2023 11:35:34

Loforo down :\

5.2.2023 12:42:02
Kyselo up >:-D
31.1.2023 16:05:14

Take me to Czercz

from https://teisei.loforo.com/4ieeq

18.1.2023 20:22:22

Smoking microwave transformer. Screenshot from a video by Rodalco2007 on YouTube

17.1.2023 15:59:55

Finally got an old linux version running on my pc, with fully working nvidia driver, though only bootable by using old boot loader installed on usb drive. As described in my earlier post, only default (2.6.x) kernels would work with the driver version, where the backported (3.0.x) would fail. Also had to run nvidia-xconfig as root to complete the setup, before it was unaccelerated display with little resolutions available. The screenshot shows a minimal xfce4 desktop running with the default theme.

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30.12.2022 18:13:54

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