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27.2.2024 18:24:19

Some videos from youtube do not get posted properly... All I see is blank post w/o a video container :\

1.7.2023 15:19:52

(solved) Still can't upload webp, not sure if it is implemented yet, no mention of it anywhere in the source code on github or in bitbucket issues :\

3.7.2023 15:44:49
ah, I forgot to implement it (facepalm)
29.4.2023 17:23:55

(solved) Webp not supported. While a majority of other sites supports this format, trying to upload webp image here fails with an error. Exiftool info of example image that failed to upload is listed below.

ExifTool Version Number         : 12.40
File Name : insertfilenamehere.webp
Directory : .
File Size : 94 KiB
File Modification Date/Time : 2023:04:29 18:14:26+03:00
File Access Date/Time : 2023:04:29 18:14:26+03:00
File Inode Change Date/Time : 2023:04:29 18:14:26+03:00
File Permissions : -rw-rw-r--
File Type : WEBP
File Type Extension : webp
MIME Type : image/webp
VP8 Version : 0 (bicubic reconstruction, normal loop)
Image Width : 617
Horizontal Scale : 0
Image Height : 617
Vertical Scale : 0
Exif Byte Order : Little-endian (Intel, II)
Subfile Type : Reduced-resolution image
Bits Per Sample : 8 8 8
Compression : JPEG (old-style)
Photometric Interpretation : YCbCr
Samples Per Pixel : 3
Thumbnail Offset : 83682
Thumbnail Length : 12992
Image Size : 617x617
Megapixels : 0.381
Thumbnail Image : (Binary data 12992 bytes, use -b option to extract)

3.5.2023 13:58:58
good idea. I will try to implement Webp support.
16.4.2022 16:17:42

Automatic linking annoyance

The editor is too trigger happy to automatically mark anything that looks like links to appear as links. E.g. typing somefile.sh becomes linked w/o asking. It's very annoying when trying to type or paste code snippets that has fragments looking like that and removing them is quite troublesome :\

Edit: Links can be removed after they've been inserted by editor, but this leaves extra unused garbage html, and that can be removed by editing hidden textarea using browser developer tools and not directly interacting with text field thus avoiding accidental reinsert of link where it is not wanted.

16.4.2022 20:44:41
this is known bug. I struggle with this all the time just not found enough courage to go and fix the editing component. :-D
30.7.2021 19:01:52

(solved) I'm getting an occassional connection issue when accessing kyselo on firefox. Happens both on vpn and no vpn, new firefox profile no exception. Something funky must be happening with the server or network, not sure which is the case this time.


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