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24.2.2023 14:41:08 reposted from juozaspo

Zero Width Space

A vere useful where text needs to be wrapped and regular spaces cannot be used. The unicode for it is 0x200B, in linux it can be inserted by typing Ctrl+Shift+U with unicode characher code following right after that


Having a nbsp (0x00A0) in tags also returns weird results in when browsing and/or reading posts. It also can't be copy-pasted. It must be typed manually by using keyboard shortcut and hex code right after that.

24.2.2023 14:27:48


0   1       2           3               4                   5                       6                           7                               8                                   9                                       10

17.12.2022 21:37:38

Black cat emoji does not render correctly on android

18.12.2022 20:21:41
emojis are not yet supported at all at Kyselo side. It's got displayed purely by your OS.
17.12.2022 20:10:40



11.11.2022 21:25:43 reposted from severak

we had weird bug when Kyselo home page looked like this...
I know the reason for this bug but I need to came up with proper solution.

13.8.2022 17:11:21

There's an extra space in the user name link for posts posted to a group. It becomes more obvious when used along with custom css.

6.1.2022 19:59:50


Looks like now you can drag & drop stuff into text field, thy images appear instantly upon drop.

28.12.2021 13:53:18

(solved) The nsfw toggle in navigation bar does not include a gap when logged in. Only logged out varsion has a gap. I'm using Mozilla Firefox for Linux version 91.4.1esr.

2.1.2022 22:26:31
11.12.2021 11:36:27

(solved) Long preformatted text not wrapped, it stretches past screen boundary

Long text like in example shown below is not wrapped nor there is a scrollbar anywhere, so the user might not be able to view/select/do anything else related to this text.

This is a long text example that is too long too be fitted to screen and the element containing it contains no scrollbar. It should either contain scrollbar or the page should be scrollable when possible. W/o such feature many long oneline preformatted text would appear incorrect.

Edit: this group where the post was made has a workaround for it, a similar workaround needs to be implemented globally and similar to what is implemented here.

12.12.2021 21:19:37
I added fix to the Kyselo global CSS. It should show when CSS cache in your browser if updates.
4.12.2021 13:18:31

(solved) Chat not working

It errors with message "chat has disconnected", wss://chat.kyselo.eu:1337 is unreachable on my end.
4.12.2021 17:47:04
hosting had database server failure and they dropped newer DNS records with this...
I going to fix it.
4.12.2021 18:58:02
fixed, works now
25.11.2021 16:48:38

(solved) Chat is not working. Error says ReferenceError: Notification is not defined (I have push & web notifications disabled in Firefox settings)

25.11.2021 19:24:45
this should be fixed now
15.11.2021 14:41:16

(solved) Got a php error while trying to post a video from a direct video link on another site, with all the sensitive information censored in the screenshot.

18.11.2021 00:31:51
oooops... forgot debug mode on...
I have disabled it now. Hope I will not need to debug on server again.
23.10.2021 11:17:41



23.4.2021 19:46:34

Bad Apple (Extremely Distorted)

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1D1mDoWUDA

11.4.2021 11:10:03

Workaround for oversized group popup menu when following of too many groups

Adding this to CSS code for group/user/etc styles would just do that.

@media screen and (min-width:1024px) {
.navbar-dropdown {
overflow: auto;
max-height: calc(100vh - 3.25rem)

Edit: updated code to be compatible with the menu shown for smaller screens, should no longer affect items shown in this menu.

reposted by webdev
9.4.2021 23:23:08

XSS probably don't work anymore

reposted by telu
9.4.2021 13:42:28

(solved) Adding </style> with arbitrary html on end of custom css code can trigger xss. Such place must be carefully sanitized where any user input is expected as rn there's no such sanitization whatsoever :\

4.4.2021 22:10:20

(solved) Strange... not even a single Youtube video I tried to post is valid even though link is accessible. Trying to post one always getting error, probably new yt update broke something here as It now always redirects to consent page when first visiting youtube through any link :\

6.2.2021 20:28:20

Groups menu does not fit into screen when too many groups are followed, also not being able to scroll the list and access all the items is annoying too. Workaround: css shown below (add this to user/group/etc custom css until this gets added to main site code)

@media screen and (min-width:1024px) {
    .navbar-dropdown {
        overflow: auto;
        max-height: calc(100vh - 3.25rem)

3.2.2021 17:09:25

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec vel justo sed dui venenatis rutrum quis non justo. Pellentesque ornare nisl non sem luctus, sit amet euismod turpis dignissim. Duis id tempus dolor. Morbi ipsum magna, egestas vitae nisl quis.

— Lorem Ipsum
3.2.2021 17:06:07


Testing a test that needs some tests

13.10.2020 17:03:30

Never Gonna Follow That Train

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfeervqhY9Y

7.8.2020 09:03:18

(solved) Change password?

There's no such option anywhere.

23.7.2020 18:06:25

I decided to change the description of this group to the one I prefer to use for this group. The original description is included in the screenshot. Also xss in tags might cause some undesired effects.

23.7.2020 15:54:53 reposted from juozaspo




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