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A place to do the all kind of tests

juozaspo 13.10.2020 17:03:30
in test

Never Gonna Follow That Train

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfeervqhY9Y

juozaspo 7.8.2020 09:03:18
in test

Change password?

There's no such option anywhere.

juozaspo 24.7.2020 12:31:15
in test

Option 'Keep me logged in' does not work

Always logs out after browser restart.

juozaspo 23.7.2020 18:06:25
in test

I decided to change the description of this group to the one I prefer to use for this group. The original description is included in the screenshot. Also xss in tags might cause some undesired effects.

juozaspo 23.7.2020 15:59:31
in test

If parent post of a repost is deleted, the "reposted from" link directs to non-existing page.

juozaspo 23.7.2020 15:54:53
in test

reposted from juozaspo



juozaspo 22.7.2020 14:52:50
in test


groups w/o members does not show in list


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