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11.12.2021 11:36:27

(solved) Long preformatted text not wrapped, it stretches past screen boundary

Long text like in example shown below is not wrapped nor there is a scrollbar anywhere, so the user might not be able to view/select/do anything else related to this text.

This is a long text example that is too long too be fitted to screen and the element containing it contains no scrollbar. It should either contain scrollbar or the page should be scrollable when possible. W/o such feature many long oneline preformatted text would appear incorrect.

Edit: this group where the post was made has a workaround for it, a similar workaround needs to be implemented globally and similar to what is implemented here.

12.12.2021 21:19:37
I added fix to the Kyselo global CSS. It should show when CSS cache in your browser if updates.