A dedicated group for Open Source voxel game called Minetest, with a gameplay similar to minecraft.

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25.12.2021 11:18:31

Removed the weird strange looking spikey thing near the mountain at the spawn on my server (world 1). Built a mining base inside. Found a small dungeon deeper to the mountain, no loot chests there though.

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17.12.2021 17:44:36

Helpful tips for cave & tunnel navigation. Torch atached to the left side of the wall and/or vertical torch placed at the bottom right side of the wall means cave/tunnel entrance - opposite means exit. Multiple vertical torches at the middle or both side and vertical torch in one place means "intersection", this might help to navigate through caves

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22.12.2021 22:08:51
that torch in the wall is maze solving algorithm by always turning to one side
17.12.2021 17:10:26


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17.12.2021 17:09:35

Second floor

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17.12.2021 17:08:17

Inside the house

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10.8.2021 18:10:58

Growing crops by the shore...

10.8.2021 23:41:47
we should set up kyselo's own minetest meeting
11.8.2021 10:16:24
Good idea :) But the location currently is just on my singleplayer world (-55, 1.0, 8520, seed 14512833397071595127, map generator name v7, game version 5.4.1), it's not hosted anywhere at this time.
6.3.2021 20:33:44

An old version of minetest runing on an old Linux version.

1.2.2021 22:46:57

1.2.2021 22:44:18


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