A dedicated group for Open Source voxel game called Minetest, with a gameplay similar to minecraft.

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20.3.2022 19:41:44 reposted from juozaspo

Very early version of minetest running on Linux

Compiled and recorded in old Ubuntu version as compilation on most recent linux versions does not work.
Recorded using simplescreenrecorder running on ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Video has no sound, version minetest_10-10-24_16-33-41_wonderful, modified to make crosshair center correctly when resized or switched to full screen via window manager

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah4-2mmDtq0

19.3.2022 20:37:51 reposted from juozaspo

Early version of minetest, genarates only simple trees at the time

15.1.2022 21:20:09 reposted from severak

public workshop and iron plant

15.1.2022 21:19:48 reposted from severak

water intake for hydroelectric dam

13.1.2022 19:41:30 reposted from severak

hydroelectric dam built by Jonas2

13.1.2022 19:40:36 reposted from severak

medieval-like village called Ruzice...

6.1.2022 21:55:58

locations on map...

reposted by severak
7.1.2022 16:21:11
It seems to me that you use Minetest as a substitute to Train Simulator :D
8.1.2022 18:42:20
@naich yeah, it started like a Train Simulator...

But we are building other things here too.
6.1.2022 21:39:54

built new railway...

reposted by severak
26.12.2021 02:30:43

just some serious railway track work...

26.12.2021 02:29:51 reposted from severak

this insane mountain appeared on my server...

26.12.2021 02:24:34

26.12.2021 02:21:55

got streamer breeding guinea pigs on my server (in fact my sister)

25.12.2021 11:18:31

Removed the weird strange looking spikey thing near the mountain at the spawn on my server (world 1). Built a mining base inside. Found a small dungeon deeper to the mountain, no loot chests there though.

reposted by juozaspo
22.12.2021 22:23:25

we have pub with custom mods...

22.12.2021 22:22:57

my city at night...

17.12.2021 17:44:36

Helpful tips for cave & tunnel navigation. Torch atached to the left side of the wall and/or vertical torch placed at the bottom right side of the wall means cave/tunnel entrance - opposite means exit. Multiple vertical torches at the middle or both side and vertical torch in one place means "intersection", this might help to navigate through caves

reposted by juozaspo
22.12.2021 22:08:51
that torch in the wall is maze solving algorithm by always turning to one side
17.12.2021 17:10:26


reposted by juozaspo
17.12.2021 17:09:35

Second floor

reposted by juozaspo
17.12.2021 17:08:17

Inside the house

reposted by juozaspo
17.12.2021 17:07:27 reposted from juozaspo

Current state of the farm at the center of the map in the world 1 of my server

16.12.2021 20:49:41

finished viaduct... (built by my friend Jonas)

reposted by severak
14.12.2021 02:51:38 reposted from juozaspo

Current map of world 1 on my minetest server, as you see alot of area is already explored.

from https://server.juozas24.lt/minetest/world1/

14.12.2021 00:59:53

and now we are building this megaproject (big railway bridge over whole valley)

reposted by severak
14.12.2021 00:55:58

we built new station called Srbsko...

reposted by severak
14.12.2021 00:55:02

got other players on my server*...
(in fact it's my localhost proxied via VPN)

reposted by severak
13.12.2021 13:34:15

my little station at night

reposted by severak
13.12.2021 13:33:32

Severák riding his own train...

reposted by severak
12.12.2021 20:50:52 reposted from severak

current map of my railway world (singleplayer)

not figured out how to make working switches yet

12.12.2021 23:07:55
red line is railway line
12.12.2021 20:48:14

smaller but more useful train (for passenger service)

reposted by severak
12.12.2021 20:46:17

Severák testing trains in Minetest....

reposted by severak
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