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31.5.2024 17:57:22

Anna Vaverková - Ve Snu (official lyric video)


31.5.2024 15:44:29

"tylko jedno w głowie mam" na organach kościelnych


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It appears that kyselo server had an expired certificate used for it for a while today. Then it got fixed later as the bad certificate were replaced with correct one. This does not happen frequently but when it happens it gets annoying very quickly.

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Most Popular Song in Europe Each Month of the '90s


22.5.2024 16:00:17

Ace of Base - All That She Wants (Official Music Video)


18.5.2024 08:22:26

Upgraded ram for my old computer

It was the time to upgrade ram so I looked for compatible ram modules the internet and found some on Ebay. They arrived a bit earlier than expected and not so pricy so it was a good deal. Earlier I tried different ram but that didn't work so I had to look for compatible ram list in my motherboard manual and found some still available to buy. I upgraded ram to max amount possible so the system performs way better now as there're virtually no slowdowns as there''s enough memory to run most things.

14.5.2024 15:16:20

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