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26.9.2023 14:10:38

new features coming soon...

I got a new phone which has some very cool features. One of them is taking panorama photos.

I tested Kyselo with it and found some bugs (fixes coming soon). I also got idea for new cool Kyselo features.

Stay tuned, first one will drop soon...

13.7.2023 10:20:43

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed écrit par Ploum, Lionel Dricot, ingénieur, écrivain de science-fiction, développeur de logiciels libres.

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9.11.2022 16:14:58

first mention of in Czech

this is how I found Soup. Funny thing is that article mentioned that Soup will have Czech localization and it never did.

10.11.2022 00:21:07
It was and it is really cool to be part of an internet platform that is not owned by some rich cunt
2.6.2022 15:46:55

Bye, bye algorithm

Saying goodbye to Twitter, LinkedIn et al.

28.12.2021 23:21:07 Launches Hot New Microblog Platform

Microblogging platforms have been coming into their own as sites like Tumblr and Twitter have emerged to enable users to provide a shorter format for blog posts. Why microblogs? Microblog platforms offer users an easy way to make shorter format posts that take less time and overhead than a full fledge blog. has just officially launched to offer users a microblogging platform that pay attention to your content details so different content types are displayed appropriately.

28.12.2021 23:13:59

Archive Team: Yesterday's SOUP.IO : Free Web : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive was an Austrian social networking and microblogging site. allowed the user to publish (editable in HTML) text, images, videos, links, quotes and reviews. It allowed users to share files (within the limit of 10 MB) and create events. Its interface professes to follow the KISS...

22.11.2021 00:57:52

got basic working code of exciting new Kyselo feature™ today even if distracted by other projects...
but it needs some polishing before it's ready...

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30.7.2021 16:22:57

only this kind of bouncing tits is allowed at Kyselo now...


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1.7.2021 00:24:28

How to run a small social network site for your friends

This document exists to lay out some general principles of running a small social network site that have worked for me. These principles are related to community building more than they are related to specific technologies.

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5.3.2021 09:36:12

at the picture there is a server of

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12.11.2020 14:45:14

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6.11.2020 10:59:12

kyselo uses state-of-the-art debugging techniques

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17.7.2020 16:01:52 Ein Kapitel österreichischer Startup-Geschichte geht zu Ende

Was ist Eine Kunst? Eine Philosophie? Eine Politik? Eine Feuerversicherung? [...]

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