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10.5.2024 21:14:43

Bo plays the organ and sings 'Zo alleen - Hans Teeuwen'


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23.11.2023 19:50:04

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13.7.2023 10:20:43

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed

Stop Trying to Make Social Networks Succeed écrit par Ploum, Lionel Dricot, ingénieur, écrivain de science-fiction, développeur de logiciels libres.

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5.12.2022 09:27:25


From public buildings to private residences, this art4d special feature will take you to where the once-overlooked architectural movement of the 70s will unfold before the eye of the beholder.

11.11.2022 21:00:41

Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?

Why do certain random strings produce colors when entered as background colors in HTML? For example, bgcolor="chucknorris" produces a red background: <body bgcolor="chucknorris">...

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23.12.2021 14:03:59

foone on Twitter

“friendly reminder since this is going around again: DO NOT EAT THE RICH! it's called bio-magnification, people! the rich are at the top of the food chain, so they accumulate toxins from their food at a greatly increased rate. Instead, /compost/ the rich.”

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19.11.2021 00:55:55

Strange Musical Instruments Never Seen Before - Man Invents Hundreds of them - The Anarchestra


13.10.2021 22:09:23

"Alberto Balsalm" | Taylor Haskins + Recombination | @ Littlefield 5/10/11


10.10.2021 22:41:33

Aint done nothing if you ain't been called a red


13.8.2021 13:04:37

New Internet Legend Manages to Rick Roll Rick Astley

'I salute you!' A folk hero is born

4.8.2021 11:28:31

The_Gibson (

Software itself does not make a community. It’s people do.

30.7.2021 14:37:01

this is one of the best memes ever...

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30.4.2021 00:00:50

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29.4.2021 09:43:08

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22.4.2021 18:50:11

Zizek Devours Into Hotdogs


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12.4.2021 10:05:50

Take On Me - Otamatone Cover (Full Version)


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10.2.2021 22:00:51

Björk's weird interview


8.2.2021 22:19:11

Yellowman - No More War [Official Lyric Video]


1.2.2021 11:22:17

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1.2.2021 11:20:53

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27.12.2020 16:36:58

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13.12.2020 23:42:28

8.12.2020 00:50:39

DIY Record Lathe (CTDO BBQ 2018)


5.12.2020 14:18:57

A two-year-old's solution to the trolley problem


9.11.2020 10:08:32

Moomin Opening Theme Song (English)


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3.11.2020 13:49:34

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