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26.10.2022 08:26:46

Reinstalled server os

Today i've reinstalled the os of the server that runs my minetest server and related pages. It will take some time to setup everything and to restore what's needed. It has been running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS up until now and the new os is Debian 11.

Edit: Got the web server working. Sadly no running minetest server yet.

Edit2: Minetest server is finally back up and running, old worlds restored.

17.12.2021 17:00:56

Current state of the farm at the center of the map in the world 1 of my server

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14.12.2021 02:50:26

Current map of world 1 on my minetest server, as you see alot of area is already explored.

from https://server.juozas24.lt/minetest/world1/

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28.3.2021 14:31:25

The users who attempted to login to my linux server so far...

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