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13.1.2022 19:41:53

water intake for hydroelectric dam

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13.1.2022 19:41:26

hydroelectric dam built by Jonas2

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13.1.2022 19:40:25

medieval-like village called Ruzice...

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12.1.2022 16:38:52

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locations on map...

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built new railway...

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5.1.2022 01:25:51

Au Revoir, Space Cowboys...


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4.1.2022 09:40:08

The IT Crowd - Series 2 - Episode 3: Piracy warning


3.1.2022 15:40:46

“Barack Obama ve svých pamětech o Václavu Klausovi …”


3.1.2022 10:10:18

“Some great photos of Prague’s Těšnov train station, which stood a short distance from the site of today’s Florenc McDonald’s. The station opened in 1875 and was demolished a century later to make way for the much-hated magistrála through road.”


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privacy policy & backups

as there are new EU cookies rules from 2022, I wanted to sort out these things for Kyselo. I changed how cookies works on Kyselo - now cookies is only saved when needed. This should also (probably) means fewer logouts. Also there is new more visible privacy policy.

Some of you already noticed there is new download backup option in the main menu. This is for downloading backup of your blog, but you need separate tool to download images. Backup format is documented here, it's already possible to import it back to Kyselo (or any other sites running same code).

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1.1.2022 22:29:54

Threatening Music Notation on Twitter


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1.1.2022 22:12:11

“bardzo fajnie”


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1.1.2022 01:19:40

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31.12.2021 20:45:53

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31.12.2021 20:41:42

Dark Stock Photos on Twitter


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