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13.7.2020 15:45:28

Soup is (near) death, long live the Soup (clones)

Hi. As you probably know - is shutting down and I am creating clone of it. While you cannot clone community, you can definitely clone the software which is exactly what I did. My software is called Kyselo (after certain kind of czech soup) and in fact, you are using it right now while reading this post.

It's not finished yet. There are missing features, there are bugs and ugly CSS is all over the place. But it works. I use (private instance of) it on daily basis for notekeeping and bookmarking stuff.

Feel free to register and click around. Try to post something and follow other testers. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and bug reports.

You can even try to self-host it for yourself if you are brave enough. It's already open source.

If you find Kyselo promising, let me know and if enough people is interested, I will start patreon to finish it and provide proper hosting for it.

Why patreon?

Well, development needs some time and I need some motivation (beer and synth money ;-D ). I even have to hire someone with graphics skills to make it look somewhat better.

Also when it's finished it will cost some money for domain, hosting etc... Image hosting platforms (which sorta was) tend to be non-profit. I am okay with this. I don't want to make money with my Soup clone, I just want it to be sustainable and not depending on my financial situation (which is bad joke sometimes).

EDIT: development continues