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6.7.2024 18:46:25

Mount Pinatubo

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12.11.2023 15:50:13

lawful evil

from https://nesrait.loforo.com/lawful-evil

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1.6.2023 20:06:26

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3.1.2023 21:38:12

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3.1.2023 19:51:42

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2.1.2023 17:05:31

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16.9.2022 21:15:47

itsoofluffy: This was in a wtf sub, the only thing wtf about this is, why the f is this not an option for therapy?

from https://merelygifted.loforo.com/itsoofluffy-this-was-in-a-wtf-sub-the-on

1.4.2022 16:23:23

It’s april fools day today so have a nice picture of exhaust in place of usual stuff today instead.

5.3.2022 17:55:27

An empty bottle of wine, something looking like cocaine, and what I can only assume is vomit. All in the expectant mothers parking spot at the hospital.

from https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/t7aqks/an_empty_bottle_of_wine_something_looking_like/

15.12.2021 18:36:25

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7.11.2021 17:58:21

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15.9.2021 08:34:31

someone's car tomorrow morning

from https://syyy5.loforo.com/someones-car-tomorrow-morning-reposted

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