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25.11.2023 03:02:36

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6.10.2023 01:35:56

for @severak:  Kawai MM-16

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7.10.2023 06:54:16
Oh! That’s very 80s! I am not sure if I would have use for this thing but it looks absolutely gorgeous.
9.10.2023 11:17:49
@severak just wrote you a PM about that
29.6.2023 02:43:10

Weevils (Curculio  spec.) mating in peach-leaved bellflower (Campanula persicifolia)

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29.6.2023 02:39:13

peach-leaved bellflower

29.4.2023 06:49:20

local Fup

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13.4.2023 04:00:59

kaputte Waage / defunc'd strain gauge weight scale sensor


18.3.2023 19:56:28

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10.3.2023 02:47:25

eMMC games

2.3.2023 05:19:16

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1.3.2023 23:13:37

This has been a Raspberry3 (still, and for a while, Unobtainium). - When using this heatsink and ever have the need for heat sink removal, you'll face a situation like this. Use other heat sinks, or just don't ever remove the attached one. Or replace the original gap pad and use another one w/ less or none adhesive power.

14.1.2023 02:21:36

PSU's last remedy

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14.1.2023 01:38:58


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