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17.5.2022 18:27:21 reposted from severak

Sandu Ciorba - Dalibomba


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Daði Freyr - Somebody Else Now (Official Video)


28.4.2022 22:31:08 reposted from raumfahrtagentur

Klaus Schulze - Timewind (1975)

RIP, Klaus Schulze! (* 4. August 1947; † 26. April 2022)


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Molly Nilsson - I Hope You Die


25.4.2022 16:12:19 reposted from severak

Vintage French Synthpop (1984)


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Gramatik | No Way Out


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Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage [Hinge Finger]


8.4.2022 12:20:33 reposted from merelygifted

Pink Floyd to release single 'Hey Hey Rise Up' in support of Ukraine - CNN

Legendary rock band Pink Floyd is releasing a new single "Hey Hey Rise Up" on Friday in support of the people of Ukraine, the band said in a statement on Thursday.

It's the first new music from the band since 1994, and all proceeds will go to Ukrainian humanitarian relief, the statement added. The song is performed by guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason, with bass player Guy Pratt and Nitin Sawhney on keyboard, according to the statement.  

The song features vocals by Andriy Khlyvnyuk from the Ukrainian band Boombox. The band used audio of Khlyvnyuk singing in central Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, where he performed "a rousing Ukrainian protest song written during the first world war which has been taken up across the world over the past month in protest" against the Russian invasion.

Gilmour, who has a Ukrainian daughter-in-law and grandchildren, said in the statement that he felt moved by Khlyvnyuk's performance "in a square in Kyiv with this beautiful gold-domed church and ... in the silence of a city with no traffic or background noise because of the war."

"It was a powerful moment that made me want to put it to music," he said. Pink Floyd said the Ukrainian singer, who left his band to join the army, is in the hospital after being hit by shrapnel. 

"We, like so many, have been feeling the fury and the frustration of this vile act of an independent, peaceful democratic country being invaded and having its people murdered by one of the world's major powers," Gimour said. "We want to express our support for Ukraine and in that way, show that most of the world thinks that it is totally wrong for a superpower to invade the independent democratic country that Ukraine has become."

The artwork for the single features a painting of a sunflower, Ukraine's national flower, a "direct reference" to the elderly woman who was seen giving sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers, the band said. "Hey Hey Rise Up" is the first original music from the band in 28 years. In 2014, the band released an album "The Endless River," which was mainly ambient and instrumental music based on the 1994 sessions created during "The Division Bell."

8.4.2022 12:20:25 reposted from merelygifted

Pink Floyd - Hey Hey Rise Up (feat. Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox)


15.3.2022 20:15:39 reposted from severak

sailor moon german theme instrumental


15.3.2022 16:11:34 reposted from severak

Electric Light Orchestra - Here Is the News (Official Video)


15.2.2022 19:55:53

Michel Petrucciani Trio: Petrucciani – Cantabile (1998)


5.2.2022 17:06:08

Cee-Knowledge & Sun Ra Arkestra - Space Is The Place.wmv


5.2.2022 15:45:57

Baby Mammoth - The Ghost of Henry


1.2.2022 19:19:43

bad apple but beats 1 and 3 are swapped


22.1.2022 21:21:38

HOME - Resonance (MeowSynth)


1.1.2022 13:54:44

Oscar Peterson - A night in Vienna (2004)


30.12.2021 16:27:32 reposted from severak

Legowelt - Apoteosis (Fabio Frizzi)


29.12.2021 21:02:19

Eduard Khil - Trololo Song [HD]


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26.12.2021 23:33:58 reposted from severak

Legowelt-Twitter Man


26.12.2021 21:58:04

Love Suicide (Acid Arab Remix)


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26.12.2021 15:00:03

Pino D'Angio - Ma Quale Idea


25.12.2021 22:29:40 reposted from wonko

Aver & Move 78 - The Algorithm Smiles Upon You [Full Album]


18.12.2021 03:34:18 reposted from merelygifted

Dubblestandart meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry: "Chrome Optimism" Subatomic Sound System rmx


25.10.2021 19:39:34

Phish | 12.04.09 | Weekapaug Groove | Madison Square Garden - New York, NY


23.10.2021 20:52:52

Nu-Jazz: Quantic - Transatlantic


20.10.2021 20:27:28

Same Beat - Fred Wesley & The JBs PART 1 & 2


17.10.2021 20:37:37

The Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey (Studio Version)


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