I am new here. Very new.

Art on @fichteart until tags become awesome.

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kyselo has new home

as you probably noticed - kyselo has new home -

For now it stays on the same hosting as it was before - so you cannot post porn yet. Sorry.

I added feature requested by @chosneck - a list of all users (use this to find your friend from Soup). I also added list of followed blogs to each friends page and a list of members to each group.

I did more little changes - for example blog avatars are now displayed as 50px wide thumbnails, not in full size.

And now some numbers:

  • there are currently 113 registered users
  • each day several new people appear
  • 75 people already posted something
  • @desinteressement is biggest poster - he already posted 666 times (sic!)
  • we already have 10 groups (and several abandoned)

Yours truly @severak

PS: please, do not advertise Kyselo on Loforo, the don't like it and may ban you.

PS2: stole memes from them. :-)

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