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2.1.2022 22:13:31

Privacy policy

Who runs this site?
This site is run by Mikoláš Štrajt (Severák) in his free time. I am also user of Kyselo.

This is not for-profit-operation but only some random guy hosting meme storage for others.

How is this site financed?
Hosting fees are paid from two sources
1) my own money
2) donations received on my paypal

What kinds of data does this site collect?
With notable exception of usage statistics, this site saves only data entered by its users. You can edit and delete your posts and comments.
Your email is not shown to other users and it will be used only to contact you by server admins (or Kyselo itself) in case of some problems (e.g. forgotten password).
Note that your posts can be reposted by other users and when you delete or edit original post, reposts will not be affected (in fact reposts are copies of original post).
If you want to delete your blog, reposts of your post, some uploaded image or anything other, please contact me in Kyselo (or elsewhere).

Which cookies are saved?

There is only one cookie called kyselo which is saved only when needed (for login, switching NSFW mode and displaying messages after redirects). This cookie is not used for usage statistics.
If you play some videos youtube can save cookies on your device. This can be avoided by not playing videos.

How can I trust you?

Well, this is good question. If you can read it you can look on our source code and source code of our statistics app.

18.11.2021 18:27:30 reposted from updates

Great Kyselo user survey

I was reading an article about XMPP comeback and I started to investigate how to implement some big experimental feature into Kyselo. I am still excited about this idea but I think this is right time to think about future of Kyselo project.

So now there is GREAT KYSELO USER SURVEY when I want to ask you what do you like and don't like about Kyselo, which new features would you like to see or how do you actually use it.

Another thing which I would like to investigate is future legal form of Kyselo. In current state sole operation and financial side of Kyselo depends on me as a person. If something goes wrong with me (or my family budget) it can be pretty bad for Kyselo too. I need to invent some more stable structure which essentialy means bring more people into Kyselo team.

So please fill our little user survey and I am going make this big meme dump social network of your dreams.
10.8.2021 23:34:35 reposted from updates

please leave us a comment

Until today, Kyselo was missing one important thing, which enables social networks to be really social and news websites to be those burning hellholes which they are. That both horrible and both wonderful thing is commenting. Now you can leave your comments under every post on  Kyselo (once you are logged in).

Another new thing is notification system. I am not going full facebook and invent notifications out of thin air, but you can already be notified when:

- somebody comments on your post
- somebody mentions you in the comment
- somebody starts following you
- somebody joins group you are member of

I hope these new features will help us build more live community.

* * *

  • we are alive for 393 days (1 years 0 months)
  • we have 147 users
  • and 43 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3070 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 286 posts
  • there are about 51 post per day
  • of these 25 are originals (no reposts)

reposted by severak
10.8.2021 23:37:46
this is example comment. You can mention anybody, for example @severak
17.8.2021 18:13:09
Umm.. could you add "description" box under video posts? @severak
25.8.2021 17:23:05
Fuck yeah, comments 🥳
29.10.2021 01:49:40
@severak could you add support for
29.10.2021 11:24:37
@poprostujakub I would look into that
4.8.2021 09:57:03

sorry for logging you out

It seems that it was not possible to login because there were too many session tmp files. I deleted it and now login works.
But this also means I loggged everybody out, sorry for that.

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6.2.2021 20:55:27 reposted from updates

mobile version

kyselo looks very different today isn't it?
I was always user of dumb phones. But the last one was too much dumb to use so they actually lend me a smartphone at work.
I tried use Kyselo on it and it looked awful. So I completely rewrote it to be compatible with mobile phones.
All the pages was rewritten using Bulma CSS Framework and while I was doing it I was fixing various bugs and making some improvements. It was a lot of work and I got somewhat exhausted of it.
But wait - there is more: I am working on another features - custom CSS, MP3/MP4 posting and finally commenting. Consider sending some donation to keep me working.
Also - I am taking a looooooooooooot of photos of my cat, so I created her profile on Kyselo - you can now follow her on @mnauinka.
And finally - stats:

  • we are alive for 208 days (0 years 6 months)
  • we have 144 users
  • and 40 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3036 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 197 posts
  • there are about 75 post per day
  • of these 38 are originals (no reposts)

21.10.2020 16:05:37 reposted from updates

100 days of shitposting

today it's 100 days after Kyselo was succesfully installed.

But it dates way longer than that:

  • back then in 2011 I found and registered an account here.
  • in 2015 I actually created first version of Kyselo, this time just on paper and later as HTML mockup.
  • in 2017 I started to write my diary. I used Soup for this purpose but  Soup was all 500s and no the stability, so I started work on a clone, which went live three days before Christmas.
  • in 2020 as part of ongoing apocalypse, was shut down. So I started Kyselo project.

Today Kyselo has small but nice community. Development somewhat stalled, but new features are still being developed. Kyselo is free to use, but there is donate button which is actually used - I spent those money in tape recorders and stuff.

Finally, some numbers:

  • we are alive for 100 days (0 years 3 months)
  • we have 141 users
  • and 36 groups
  • most active user is @gpkvt with 3028 posts
  • most active group is @memes with 142 posts
  • there are about 124 post per day
  • of these 65 are originals (no reposts)
25.8.2020 17:39:01 reposted from updates

donate button added

as you may have noticed, development of Kyselo somewhat stalled. This is because I was:

- on vacation (without internet)
- demotivated (by hot weather)
- ill and later super tired

I needed to somehow restore my motivation so I thought: What about financial motivation? (evil smile)

Now you can


cause I need a dollar baby, dollar is what I need.

All donated money will be spend on hosting fee, beer and synths (in that order). I have already spent 1016 CZK on hosting/domain fee.

Otherwise Kyselo is pretty much alive:

  • we have 134 users
  • and 34 groups
  • 102 people already posted something
  • biggest spammer is @gpkvt with 1148 posts - congratulations!
  • most active group is @memes with 100 posts
  • there is about 120 posts each day
  • with cca 50 of them being originals (no reposts)
27.7.2020 16:16:19

i am on vacation

I am on vacation in the nature, without any internet access. This means that this week:

  • no new features
  • no new bugs
  • no shitpost
  • no responding on anything

I hope this will help me to renew my sanity and energy stats. :-)

-- @severak

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22.7.2020 00:09:03 reposted from updates

kyselo has new home

as you probably noticed - kyselo has new home -

For now it stays on the same hosting as it was before - so you cannot post porn yet. Sorry.

I added feature requested by @chosneck - a list of all users (use this to find your friend from Soup). I also added list of followed blogs to each friends page and a list of members to each group.

I did more little changes - for example blog avatars are now displayed as 50px wide thumbnails, not in full size.

And now some numbers:

  • there are currently 113 registered users
  • each day several new people appear
  • 75 people already posted something
  • @desinteressement is biggest poster - he already posted 666 times (sic!)
  • we already have 10 groups (and several abandoned)

Yours truly @severak

PS: please, do not advertise Kyselo on Loforo, the don't like it and may ban you.

PS2: stole memes from them. :-)

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13.7.2020 15:37:41

Terms of service

This is temporary beta version of Kyselo (an clone). Feel free to register and click around. Try to post something and follow other testers. Feel free to contact me with your ideas and bug reports.

But remember:

1) Don't be a dick!
2) Don't post anything illegal in Czech republic (child porn, holocaust denial, etc).
2b) Dont's post porn - it's agains my hosting TOS. Post cute cats instead.
3) And have a fun!
13.7.2020 00:35:49


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