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Positive Leftist News Roundup! July 2020

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoaU37M6HdI

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kyselo has new home

as you probably noticed - kyselo has new home - kyselo.eu.

For now it stays on the same hosting as it was before - so you cannot post porn yet. Sorry.

I added feature requested by @chosneck - a list of all users (use this to find your friend from Soup). I also added list of followed blogs to each friends page and a list of members to each group.

I did more little changes - for example blog avatars are now displayed as 50px wide thumbnails, not in full size.

And now some numbers:

  • there are currently 113 registered users
  • each day several new people appear
  • 75 people already posted something
  • @desinteressement is biggest poster - he already posted 666 times (sic!)
  • we already have 10 groups (and several abandoned)

Yours truly @severak

PS: please, do not advertise Kyselo on Loforo, the don't like it and may ban you.

PS2: stole memes from them. :-)

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TheQuartering's garbage channel can inspire YOU

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLC3R9QQL-A

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from my bizarre BF

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Erfurt latrine disaster

The Erfurt latrine disaster was an event that occurred in Erfurt, Duchy of Thuringia in 1184 where a number of nobles from across the Holy Roman Empire were meeting in a room at the Church of St. Peter only for their combined weight to cause the floor to collapse into the latrine beneath the cellar and led to dozens of nobles drowning in liquid excrement. At least 60 people died in the accident. Background A feud between Louis III, Landgrave of Thuringia and Archbishop Conrad of Mainz which had existed since the defeat of Henry the Lion intensified to the point that King Heinrich VI was forced to intervene while he was traveling through the region during a military campaign against Poland. Heinrich decided to call a diet in Erfurt where he was staying to mediate the situation between the two and invited a number of other figures to the negotiations. The event Nobles across the Holy Roman Empire were invited to the meeting, and many arrived on 25 July to attend. Just as the assembly began, the wooden floor of the provost of St. Mary, in which the nobles were sitting, broke under the stress...

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Dog Solution [Twitter]

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Soup.io: Ein Kapitel österreichischer Startup-Geschichte geht zu Ende

Was ist Soup.io? Eine Kunst? Eine Philosophie? Eine Politik? Eine Feuerversicherung? [...]

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more kitty

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neighbors got a new kitty. hopefully more fresh #catcontent to come

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