Let's make a great soup

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some keys on an Amstrad NC100 (Z80-based), featuring the secret menu key

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honey bee and paper wasp (Polistes dominula) sharing unexpected honey

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Mari Kalkun - Somewhere There's War

Mari Kalkun - Somewhere There's War

"Somewhere There's War" / "Kusagil on sõda" / "Десь там війна" / "Где-то там война"


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peace is ... cheaper

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DO NOT USE backup tool

Please, do not use backup tool. It downloads large numbers of images in short time which leads you to be banned from my hosting. Kyselo then looks completely down from your IP while other connections are completely OK.

I got banned this way. (massive facepalm)

I hope no one other got banned this way. If you know about someone, please let them contact me via my other contacts listed here.

In the near future I will move Kyselo to my own server which I acquired from my friend. There will be proper backup system with big ZIP files generated server side.

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repost from Twitter

Twitter is probably most open of all social networks which I use so I added one-click-reposting to be able to repost from Foone, Archillect or any of those image reposting bots.

Also I fixed some small bugs, added random post and my random post to menu and I am still working on backup scheme.

Also - happy holiday from Kyselo!
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my pal Edosan hipped me


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Instagram source. Photo by im0gil.


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