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not that much old

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newly discovered wakatobi flower pecker bird species in Indonesia

from https://www.zdf.de/assets/wakatobi-100~768x432?cb=1667128103225

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R.I.P. Jeff Beck (* 24. Juni 1944; † 10. Januar 2023)

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wintering starlings in Berlin S-Bahn station Alexanderplatz, imitating train's 'doors closing' triad

from https://www.tagesspiegel.de/images/im-bahnhof-alexanderplatz-uberwintern-viele-stare/alternates/BASE_21_9_W1000/im-bahnhof-alexanderplatz-ueberwintern-viele-stare.jpeg

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from https://taz.de/static/images/kari.jpg

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Cool website that shows you how far a train can take you in 5 hours

from https://www.chronotrains.com/

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fediverse news and speed of timelines

I keep exploring Fediverse and related software projects. While I want Kyselo to be interoperable I discovered that this is impossible without big refactoring of our database followed by data migration to new scheme. I don't want to do this.
So I decided that Kyselo will not federate in it's current form. However I am still interested in Fediverse and I want to create Kyselo-like Mastodon client. But this is question for the future me.
For now I added small experimental feature - I am measuring of how fast our timelines are. Unit of this measurement is number of posts per hour, day or month (whatever makes sense). So please keep those in healthy ranges.

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